Advanced Listening

The Advanced Listening software was developed to help students who are learning English. They focus on language acquisition for all levels of language learning. Teachers are capable of tracking a students progress throughout the program, which helps teachers adjust their lessons to their students needs. This software offers what they call constructive feedback from Intelligent Tutor, which coaches students through the program. The goal of this software is to teach students the language skills they'll need for both the school setting and the professional work setting. This program offers simulated games, drills and practice, tutorials through the lessons, and it can also be used as a reference for the students. Shown is a warm up screen, the students do warm up drills before they get to work. This is for a beginner student.

Facts and Examples

The program is designed to capture the attention of students to enhance their learning. The software is appropriate for all levels of language acquisition but it is especially useful for beginners, because of it's interactive nature. Advanced Listening programs offer true to life scenarios that the students can learn from and relate to. It offers many great activities for students to do during class, and to aid your lesson plan.

Review of Software

This software is a great alternative to a text book for teaching English language learners. It is affordable for schools to purchase, and it serves as a great aid in the classroom. Programs like this are useful for students when it is hard for a lot of one on one interaction with a native English speaker, or the teacher. This is an award winning software, because teachers feel like their students will benefit from the support the program offers. Students learn how to take notes effectively, predict what will happen next in a story, and they are tested on recalling information they have read. This company provides many different softwares to aid students at all levels.


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