Illinois Math Learning Standards Met In This Webquest:

8.B.3, 8.D.3a, 10.A.2c, 10.A.3a, 10.A.4c, 10.A.5,10.B.2d

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In Major League Baseball, a team's winning percentage is very crucial to its success. Imagine that you work for your favorite MLB team. The owner wants to improve the winning percentage by acquiring an extra player. Your job is to research different types of players to determine who will be the most helpful in improving your winning percentage. The options are a home run hitter, a hitter with a high batting average, an RBI hitter, a base stealer or a pitcher with a low earned -run average (ERA).

Your objective for this webquest is to figure out which of these five statistics is most closely related to winning percentage using your knowledge of graphs on Excel.

Modification to Step 3

1. Chose 10 MLB teams to research.
2. Start with one of your 10 teams, look up the team statistics for winning percentage, home runs, batting average, RBI's, stolen bases and ERA of the 2007 season. Do this for the other 9 teams on your list.
3. Open a new spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel.
4. In cell A2 type "winning percentage". In cell A3 type "Home runs" and continue this down column A until you have entered in the name of all of the statistics listed in step 2.
5. In cell B2 enter in the team name of the first team you chose. In cell B3 enter in a second team name. Continue this across row B until you have entered in all 10 team names.
6. Now you need to enter in the statistics you have researched. For example if the Chicago Cubs have a batting average of 2.98 then you need to type 2.98 in the cell that is in the Column titled "Chicago Cubs" and the row titled "Batting Average". Continue until you have entered in every statistics for each team.
7. Next there are 5 graphs we need to create. First you need to go to insert chart and create a graph comparing home runs and winning percentage. Put winning percentage as the Y axis and home runs on the X axis. Do this for each of the other 4 variables and continue to use winning percentage as the Y variable.
8. You need to find the regression line of each graph. To do so, right click on one point. Click on add trendline. Choose the type of function that you think best fits your graph. To have the equation appear right click on the regression line and click format trendline. Go to the options tab and click display equation on graph. Follow this procedure for all 5 of the graphs.
9. Finally you must compare all of your equations and using your analytical to determine which of the 5 statistics is most strongly related to winning percentage.

Graphic Organizer

Question & Answer

1. What 10 teams did you choose?
2. Which statistic did you find to be most closely related to winning percentage? How do you know?
3. Which statistic is the least correlated with winning percentage?
3. What player would you tell your manager to go out and recruit?

Websites To Visit - Baseball statistics - Major League Baseball statistics
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LabWrite - Assistance with graphing in Excel

Vocabulary List

Correlation: indicates the strength and direction of a linear relationship between two variables.
Regression Line: a smooth curve fitted to the set of paired data to measure the effect of a single independent variable.
Trendline: a line on a chart depicting the general direction in which the function is headed.

Hypertext List

1. Practice reading different types of graphs.
2. Play with functions to see how they affect the graph.
3. Did you cite the references you used in your project?
4. Want to learn more about charts and graphs in Excel?


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