What are Podcasts?

A. Podcast Directory

  1. Audible Education

  2. Del.icio.us

  3. Education Podcast Network

  4. Higher Ed

  5. IPL Kidspace

  6. MSNBC

  7. NPR

  8. PBS

  9. Postcast.net

  10. Podcast Alley

  11. Podcastingnews

  12. Podcast Directory (UK)

  13. Podfeed

A. Application Tools (Create your Own)

  1. iTunes

  2. Winamp

  3. Audacity

C. Podcasts Collection: Del.icio.us: Podcasts/Videos

D. Educational Uses:

  1. Teacher uses existing podcasts to teach topics covered in K-12 curriculum.

  2. Teacher podcasts daily homework and other classroom information which parents can download to stay up-to-date on their children's school activities.

  3. Teacher creates class session podcasts for students to download when they miss class or need reinforcement of review.

  4. Students create podcasts on topics (e.g., Civil War, Literacy) to show what they've learned and share it with other classrooms.

  5. Students access virtual field trip to NASA via a soundseeing tour podcast.

  6. School board podcasts their meetings and special events as a way to increase community involvement in the school system.

  7. University professor creates podcasts of his lectures.

  8. IT staff podcasts tech support tips for teachers to access.

E. Interesting Podcasts

American Civil War

Les deux font la paire

Rocks From Earth's Origins

Art Institute of Chicago Musecast

  1. AudioCast: Ken Burns

  2. ChildLife: Exercise for Children

  3. English: I Have A Dream

  4. Math: Magic Number

  5. Spanish: Nuestros Vacaciones

  6. A School in the Coulee

  7. Children's Health

  8. K-12 Podcast

  9. Kid-Cast

  10. LD Podcast

  11. LibriVox

  12. NASA Podcasts

  13. Radio Willow Web (For Kids by Kids)

  14. The Downs FM (UK)

  15. The Savvy Technologist

  16. Teachers' TV News

E. Articles/Sources