Please, grant me the serenity to accept the pages I cannot edit,

The courage to edit the pages I can,

And the wisdom to know the difference.

—The Wiki Prayer (Source)

A. Website Review: Rubric

B. Instructional (Educational) Software

  • Child Life - Magic Theater, The Louvre for Kids, Music Ace, MicroWorlds, Game Series, FreeFall, Kid Pix Studio Deluxe, Stanley Sticker Stories, Dr. Seuss's ABC, Bailey's Book House, Animals and How they Grow, others

  • English - Hollywood High, Robinson Crusoe, Turn it In, Inspiration, Interactive Literature, Advanced Listening, First English, Look, Listen and Speak, My Access 4.0,others

  • Mathematics - Graphmatica, TI Smartview, TI Navigator, GSP, Tinkerplots, Fathom, N-Spire (CAS), Cabri Jr., Cabri II, Cabri 3D, CBL2, CBR2, Calculator Apps, others

  • Spanish - EazySpeak, Language Adventure, Who Is Oscar Lake?, WiggleWorks Espanol Solares, Rosetta Stone, Learn Spanish Software, Spanish Uno, Word Magic, Learn Spanish Now, Learn to Speak Spanish, others

C. Teacher Websites

D. Community Histories (Collaborative Writing)

E. Writing in Math Made Easy